Marissa Tubaugh
Online Portfolio


Astrologic is a virtual reality experience that guides the user through different aspects of astrology. Astrology is the study of the stars’ and planets’ influence on people and events of the world. It is an ancient symbolic language that has continued to influence mainstream culture for years. Astrologic educates its users on the topic of astrology- including the complex language and significance in history. The user is transported through outer space, where they learn about the elements, symbols, and houses in astrology. The experience is personalized, as the user is able to view their very own zodiac constellation in the sky- as well as their ruling planet, house, element, and zodiac symbol. The realm of virtual reality introduces a new dimension of visual design, where the user is essentially present with the design. Movement of the stars and the ability to transport to different realms gives this virtual reality experience motion. By simulating outer space, the user is able to understand the topic in depth, and somewhat authentically. Astrologic is intended to be engaging, fun, and educational for everyone.