City Skate Society

Destiny Torres
Online Portfolio


City Skate Society is an interactive website that serves as a supportive environment for New York City skateboarders; it encourages participation in skateboarding regardless of age, gender, background, and ability. Although the skateboarding community boasts a reputation for bringing people from all nationalities and ages together, there has always been a lack of women skateboarders. The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough “feminine-looking” skateboards and merchandise for women, but more so that there aren’t enough women skateboard role models and media coverage for this demographic. City Skate Society features a profile section, an area about skateparks around NYC, and information skateboarders around the world. Although the target is to encourage more women to begin skateboarding, City Skate Society is not designed only for women — it is meant to bring everyone together. Explore what New York City has to offer for skateboarders at City Skate Society!