Jessica Benevente
Online Portfolio


It has been said that there is one place you can go without advertising: to sleep. Statistics have even shown us that the average American is exposed to up to 5,000 ads per day, a number so high that the brain cannot even digest it. Though this number has only gotten higher due to the increases in technology, which gives ad even more surface area, advertising has always permeated our subconscious ever since consumerism started. To properly tell the story of advertising and its effects on American consumerism and pop culture, it is critical to look at the important role women took in this development. Project AD WOMEN seeks to sell the story of just 6 of the many women, who were pioneers in the American advertising industry during the mid 20th century. They made strides for women in the workforce and played an important role in creating the ads that have had a lasting impact on our culture. Each booklet tells the story of a different ad women and their courageous careers. The timeline broadens this lens to look at how 80 years of advertising has functioned in our society. Milestones and iconic ad campaigns are highlighted as well as many pitfalls that show that women still have a long way to go before being properly employed representative in the ad world. Overall, the project seeks to inspire anyone to reach for their dreams despite their gender and social background and shine a light on a history that may have been lost in this male dominated field.