Auditory Perception

Taylor Varricchio


For EDM fans across the world, the festival and concert visual performances can be almost as crucial as the music, transforming a DJ-set into an unforgettable, transcendent experience. Music is a sensory experience in itself, that can be enhanced through the implementation of technology. VJ’s, or Video Jockeys are known for performances that include the creation or manipulation of visual imagery. These multimedia performances reference art forms with the synesthetic experience of vision and sound. Inspired by these shows, my thesis is a documentation of my journey in Processing learning to create visuals using algorithms. This project aims to not only showcase my process but also to engage the viewer into a sensory experience. The book features a collection of sketches, from learning how to draw in Processing, to creating an audio reactive music visualizer. I will also have a loop of these Processing sketches hosted on screen, as well as some interactive sketches on a tablet.