Good Grips

Jacqueline Pascar
Online Portfolio Thesis Site


Growth can be seen as both a positive and negative change depending on the context of a situation and how individuals may be affected. The constant growth of a child with a physical hand disorder, for example, can easily lead to more medical bills as the parents strive for their child to continue using a properly fitted prosthetic. The growth of technology can instead lead to many new discoveries and solutions ranging across a variety of fields and practices.

Good Grips is a mobile app created to support the positive aspects of growth by providing children with affordable prosthetic hands through the use of additive manufacturing technology. Within the app, children and their parents can easily measure to fit a prosthetic hand, choose and customize available hand models, and order the final product all within the comfort of their home. Along with the ability to order a prosthetic hand, parents can also stay informed on current news and community events in the discover section. By using the growth of technology to their advantage, children and their parents can continue through their daily lives with less worry about obstacles that change might bring.