The Hudson Valley Harmony Center

Danielle Pergola
Online Portfolio Thesis Prototype


The Hudson Valley Harmony Center is a redesigned alcohol rehabilitation center. The goal of the center is to provide those who suffer from alcoholism an environment where they can feel safe while providing a wide range of treatment and activities. The inspiration behind this project comes from my father. My father, Robert Pergola, was a victim of alcoholism. His denial led him to the choice of not attending a rehabilitation facility. Sadly, he passed away from the disease in March of 2012. Along with my father, there is a large percentage of people who avoid going to a rehabilitation center because of the negative stigma attached. Therefore, they do not receive the right treatment nor support to help overcome the disease. The Hudson Valley Harmony Center treats their clients with respect and dignity. The center focuses on the true feelings, needs, and emotions of each individual.

The products I created are a website, brochure, poster series, and stickers. The design and voice of the products emphasize positivity and success. The logo and color palette provides a calming and peaceful tone. The language of my project focuses on achieving an overall nurturing and healthy lifestyle. Rather than using stock imagery, which can lead to setting unrealistic expectations, icons were used to represent all of the features of the rehabilitation center.