NYC Art Resource Guide

Ginger Ahlbum
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New York City is the home to many art museums and cultural experiences, however, these art resources are disproportionately distributed throughout New York’s five boroughs, and are clustered within wealthier neighborhoods. The lack of art education in low-income areas has developed class, racial, and ethnic segregation within New York’s education system. This ultimately results in students who live in low-income areas to be at a much greater disadvantage in receiving quality education and arts opportunities.

My project seeks to help low-income students living in New York City by providing an art resource guide informing these individuals of free artistic opportunities like programs, internships, events, and classes. The promotional posters, hand-inked and digitally colorized, are thoughtfully sized to standard subway posters, and the booklets can be easily reproduced and placed in one’s pocket. By using bold, bright colors, with a hand-illustrated feel, my posters mean to inspire young students who have any interest in art to find a program in NYC that suits them.