Antonio Conklin
Online Portfolio


Self is a fully developed brand that produces products to assist in self-improvement. These products may be physical, such as clothing, stickers, or posters. They may also be digital such as a mobile application. Inspiration for this brand came from U.S. founding father, Benjamin Franklin. Particularly in his autobiography, where his story can be very well relatable to reality. The struggles of trying to figure out who you will become to the challenges you have to face to reach success. Self gives that small push and motivation an individual might need for positive reinforcement. A poster in your office space that says: “Love what you do”; or a sticker on the back of your phone that says: “Enjoy the world”. These messages remind you to keep going and stay positive.

The mobile app allows users to set goals, create clubs, support, and be supported by other users. This consumed most of the time due to all the immense research, testing, designing the UI. The app is fully functional in the prototype stage and may be interacted with.