Aidan Gallagher
Online Portfolio Thesis Site


The sport of mountain biking has exploded in recent years. Despite people being attracted to the sport, there are barriers of entry that make it difficult for individuals to get started and focus solely on their riding. Moreover, the resources and features currently available to riders are not particularly user-friendly or well designed and exist across multiple mobile applications and web formats. TRAX is a centralized, comprehensive mobile application for mountain bikers that relies on user-generated data to improve riding, optimize data collection, and provide thorough navigational and social networking resources for all types of riders. Through a carefully developed collection of illustrative mockups & prototypes, case studies & storyboards, as well as web & video resources, this project is aimed at communicating the concept of such a mobile resource. What’s more – TRAX also offers new features to improve riding abilities and trail familiarity. Users will have access to TRAX’s Feature Awareness resource, whereby they receive fully customizable visual and/or audio alerts regarding upcoming trail features, conditions, training tips, and navigational cues. Additionally, TRAX offers an Augmented-Reality map that allows users to hold up and pan their mobile devices, to be offered a look at the entire trail system all on their phone’s screen.