Taste the Flavors of the Philippines

Adam Flores


Filipino cuisine offers many great flavors, yet a lot people in the United States are not exposed to them. Filipino food is very different from other asian cultures because the cuisine takes, borrows, and fuses together flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods. The culinary influences predominantly comes from Malaysian, Spanish and Chinese cultures. More recent cultural influences include that from the United States, Germany and Japan. The cuisine is a melting pot of great flavors that many people outside of Filipino communities in the United States are not aware of. The food is not as mainstream compared to other cuisines like Mexican food, Chinese food and Japanese food in the America. Many people are skeptical to try Filipino dishes because they do not know what ingredients are being used or they do not know where to find restaurants.

There are so many subcultures within the broader Filipino context but I really want to focus on the popular dishes because I want my Filipino cuisine awareness campaign to be more of an introduction into the world of Filipino food, in order to ease people into the cuisine. In order to achieve my goal of showcasing the cuisine, I am creating a awareness campaign for Filipino Food. The cuisine awareness campaign is comprised of a blog site, videos, booklets, flyers, and illustrations, all promoting Filipino Food. The blog site will contain animations and descriptions on popular Filipino dishes. My mission is to advertise, promote, and showcase the great qualities of Filipino food to people outside of Filipino communities in America because the cuisine is an important part of my culture and I want to share it with everyone who are willing to give the cuisine a taste.