Thinking Vegan

Sabrina Galasso
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Thinking Vegan’s goal is to open the viewer’s mind to questioning why they love some animals and choose to consume others. Speciesism is a term that’s very relevant to this book, it’s the notion that humans have created a hierarchy valuing some lives more than others. Therefore exploiting and consuming some species while prioritizing others. A big reason why people continue to consume animal based products is a lack of knowledge of the industries. Thinking Vegan is helping to educate about the vegan lifestyle from an ethical standpoint.

The book is divided into three chapters, the first being personal rescue stories of farmed animals who are living their lives in peace and love at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, NY. The second chapter is a collection of quotes from interviews with people living a vegan lifestyle. Lastly, the third chapter is a compilation of information about animal agriculture industries and the treatment of animals. Included in this chapter is a list of resources on how to educate yourself and some brands to support instead of animal testing or animal product companies.