Food Nostalgia

Roseanne Cardinale


Nostalgia is defined as a feeling of affection for the past. It can mentally take you to a specific period or place, usually personal moments throughout your life. Food related nostalgia can be more vivid, bringing a rush of strong images, memories, and feelings to the mind. This is because food memories involve all five senses. Everyone experiences food nostalgia; Maybe homemade chicken soup reminds you of your mom, hot apple cider brings you back to Halloween as a kid, or perhaps barbecued food will always be associated with family summer nights growing up. This thesis aims to highlight those stories and connections between food and memory. I hope to get the viewer thinking of their own food memory because it has such a personal and monumental effect on one’s life. There is no correct place, age, or time that specifies a memory, it’s yours and only yours.