Visions for a Sustainable World

Megan Mirabito
Student Site


No issue is more urgent for humanity as a whole than the state of the Earth. Waste, pollution and gas emissions caused by human activity has resulted in terrible, large scale change, such as mass extinction and cataclysmic weather events. With an issue as broad and intimidating as climate change, it is easy to get overwhelmed and fixated on practicalities. We default to solving problems using what we already know. But we cannot expect to make any significant amount of change in the world if we do not first change how we think. Speculative design is design freed from the constraints of practicality, design intended to change the way we think, about today’s world and tomorrow’s. It’s about using design to create not just things, but ideas.

This project seeks to encourage thought, discussion and solutions for a sustainable world through speculative design workshops that bring together diverse minds to imagine the kind of world that we want.