Bullying Happens

Matthew Holloran


Bullying Happens is a children’s book about bullying. Each illustration is based on true stories that were gathered from interviews. The book is meant to be used as a teaching tool for middle school and elementary school kids. The book shows the different perspectives of bullying, as well as teaches the different roles that kids assume when thrown into a situation that involves bullying. The inspiration for this project came from my own experiences is middle and high school, both as a victim and as a bully. I wanted to make a book that I would have liked to have when I was that age. By using it as a teaching tool, maybe other kids who are in the same situations as I was could find better ways to cope with their negative emotions rather than taking it out on other people. I also wanted to show that everyone can be a bully, a victim, a hero, or a bystander. What you chose to do is up to you.

Aside from this, my own goal with this project was to learn about illustration, character design, and color theory.