Art, Aesthetics & The Mind

Kara Davis
Online Portfolio Thesis Site


What we find beautiful and the concept of beauty affects the way we interact with the world and how we think. For my thesis, I focused on the topic of Neuroaesthetics in relation to Visual Art. Neuroaesthetics is a scientific approach to the study of aesthetic perceptions of art, music, or any object that can give rise to aesthetic judgments. To address this topic I made a series of zines that are based on 5 different case studies chosen to help explain Neuroaesthetics while also making the experience of learning aesthetically pleasing and fun. These zines while incorporating information directly from the case studies also includes diagrams and illustrative elements which pair with the original case study. In addition to these zines illustrative poster series based off of zine covers. The goal of this is to spark a conversation about Neuroaesthetics and how it affects us as humans and the way we create art and process aesthetic experiences.