Undocumented Immigrants An Alternative Perspective

Daniel Silva


Many people today associate negative stereotypes with Undocumented Immigrants that live and come to the United States, specifically Latino Immigrants. This is due to politicians, and the media who make statements such as undocumented immigrants “bring crime”, “steal jobs”, and “don’t pay their taxes”. They also state that illegal immigration is still getting worse today, and state “Why can’t they just stand in line”. Undocumented Immigrants: An Alternative Perspective is a work that takes these statements and provides research-driven facts behind them. It also provides interviews with undocumented immigrants to share an insight into their lives and stories. My mission with this work is to inform people with accurate information regarding undocumented immigrants. Growing up Mexican-American in a very diverse community with undocumented immigrants, it’s become my goal to challenge these negative stereotypes associated with them and show people an alternative perspective.